Hardcore Robot

This isnt a funk, it's my personality

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I'm a twenty-something year old failed graduate student and current United States Marine.

I love politics, arguing, watching movies, obcesing over tv shows, traveling, learning new things, my dogs, my heritage, laughing at other people, laughing at myself, watching overly liberal political talk shows, sports, watching the History Channel, reading, being artsy, being sarcastic, finding random stuff on the internet, and my Jeep.

I don't like dishonesty, people who can't take a joke, most vegetables, people who do bad things in the name of religion, jello with fruit in it, when people talk at the movies, the color pink, seafood, and wearing wet clothes.

As far as friending goes, I like meeting new people but I wont be offended if you find me boring, so go ahead and add me or remove me, whatever fits your fancy.
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